District 15-A of the Grand Lodge of Virginia









Meet Our Officers for 2017






Worshipful Master, Robert E. Cook
Senior Warden, Rick C. Kidd, P.M.
Junior Warden, Jason D. Clemmer
Senior Steward, C. Ashley Thomas
Treasurer, John G. Koedel, III
Secretary, Henry C. Payne
Junior Steward, Paul A. Ziolkowski
Secretary Emeritus, Charles S. Sarbaugh, P.D.D.G.M. (Not Pictured)
Tiler, Mark L. Deal
Senior Deacon, Linwood G. Bennett
Junior Deacon, Larry L. Beadles
Chaplain, Barrye L. Absher, P.D.D.G.M.
Marshall, Wade V. Evans, III, P.M.







Robert E. Cook, Worshipful Master



Rick Kidd, PM, Senior Warden

Jason Clemmer, Junior Warden

John Koedel, Treasurer

Hank Payne, Secretary

Gordon Bennett, Senior Deacon

Larry Beadles, Junior Deacon

Wade Evans, PM, Marshall

Barrye Absher, PDDGM, Chaplain

Mark Deal, Tiler


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