District 15-B of the Grand Lodge of Virginia



Right Worshipful William Dee Ellen

1935 - 2008


     Right Worshipful William Dee Ellen was a longtime member of Metropolitan No. 11 having been Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on March 26, 1968.  Bill was called from Labor to Rest by the Supreme Architect of the Universe on September 17, 2008, and forever left an empty spot in our Lodge Room.


     Bill was an extraordinary person, he was a man who loved and valued his family—in the business world—he was not only successful—but highly respected—and he was the absolute picture of what a Mason should be.  In fact, his picture hangs by the door to our Lodge Room to remind us of his friendship, as well as to remind us, of all that we should be as men and Mason’s when we depart the Lodge “to mix again with the world.”


     Bill was generous in every way—with his time—his resources—and the thing we all probably miss the most—he was generous in spirit, touching all of us—in a warm and genuine way.  Bill was humble, and I think it’s fair to say, he never really realized just how much respect and esteem surrounded him.  Bill seemed to always stay the same—and as the saying goes—he was comfortable in his own skin.


     Like all of us, Bill wasn’t a perfect man but he was without any doubt, one of the most good and decent men, you could ever hope to meet.  His work and efforts on behalf of our “Gentle Craft” were tireless.  The truth is—his impact on our Lodge—and on all of us who knew him—will never be fully measured.


     Because of all that Bill meant to us, “The William Dee Ellen Award for Masonic Excellence” was established in his honor.  It is presented annually to a member of Metropolitan Lodge No. 11 who—through their hard work for the Craft—as well as their friendship and Brotherly love—best represent all that Bill stood for.  In following Bill’s example, the award is presented not only to the one who seeks light in Masonry, but also to the one who shines the Light along the path for his Brother—helping him to be a better man and Mason—and helping our Craft to be stronger and our world a better place to live.




Award Recipient

Award Year


Right Worshipful J. Larry Dixon


Right Worshipful Wade V. Evans, Jr.


Right Worshipful Charles S. Sarbaugh


Right Worshipful Donnie Ralph (DR) Carter


Brother Jacob (Jake) H. Hattan, Jr.


Right Worshipful Clifford C. Grotz, Jr.


Most Worshipful Douglas V. Jones


Right Worshipful Barrye Layne Absher


Right Worshipful William Samuel Richardson


Right Worshipful J. Thomas Wadkins, III


Most Worshipful V. Stuart Cook 2017
Right Worshipful Claude Ashley Bass, Jr. 2018
Worshipful Bernard Kevin McLaughlin 2018
Worshipful Wade V. Evans, III 2019
Worshipful Christopher E. Loftus 2020
Worshipful Lothar Arthur Bernhard, Sr. 2021
Worshipful George Harris Cooke, III 2022
Worshipful Robert Edward Cook 2022






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