District 15-A of the Grand Lodge of Virginia









Kendra Amis receives her
Community Builders Award
from Worshipful Robert Cook
Thursday, March 17, 2022


The Last Stated Communication of Henrico Union Lodge No. 130

Being held at Mason's Hall and Hosted by Richmond Randolph Lodge No. 19

January 4, 2022

Area Worshipful Masters in Attendance in a Show of Fraternal Support

(Left to Right) Worshipful David Vass, Temple No. 9, Worshipful Greg Forget, Mann Page No. 157,

Right Worshipful Wimpy O. Isgett, Worshipful Master of Henrico Union No. 130 (Center)

Worshipful John Parrish, Ashland No. 168, Worshipful Robert Cook, Metropolitan No. 11

Right Worshipful Charles S. Sarbaugh Conducts the Election for Metroplitan Lodge No. 11 December 16, 2021                                                         

                                  Right Worshipful Charles S. Sarbaugh                                                               Worshipful Lothar Arthur Bernhard, Sr.                                               Brother C. Ashley Thomas, Jr.
            Conducts the Election for Metropolitan Lodge No. 11 December 16, 2021
                   Receives the William Dee Ellen Award                                       Receives the Line Officer of the Year Award



                                                                                            Right Worshipful Lambros Deligan                                            Worshipful George Cooke presents                                 Worshipful George Cooke (2021)
                                                                    Delivers the Trustee Report for 2021                                     Worshipful Linwood G. Bennett, Jr.                                     Turns over his Gavel to  
                                                                      While Worshipful Bob Pagani Studies it                                         with his Past Master's Jewell                                    Worshipful Robert E. Cook (2022)

MW Stuart Cook, Wor. Bob Pagani, RW Lambros Deligan, RW Steve Sanford, MW Doug Jones (GM), Bro. Ashley Thomas,

Wor. Walter L. Olphin, Jr. (Center hold Certificate)

Wor. Walter L. Olphin, III, RW Buddy Bass, Wor. Robert Cook, Bro. Richard Wadkins, RW D. R. Carter, RW Tom Wadkins


On the Proch of the Grand Lodge of Virginia

September 1, 2021

70 Year Masonic Veteran's Award


Walter Linwood Olphin, Jr.


Most Worshipful Douglas V. Jones

Grand Master of Masons in Virginia